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Vapefly FireBolt Cotton


  1. Joel |

    2018-06-29 am5:58

    Where can I place an order and how much is it?

  2. David |

    2018-08-25 pm2:57

    Hi . This can fit ID 2.5 as well ?

  3. Ed Mooseman Reidt |

    2018-08-31 am6:32

    where can you buy retail of this a friend got some said it was great

  4. Junior |

    2018-09-02 pm10:37

    I’ve been useing ur cotton since the NEW expo in Richmond va good cotton and want more info on how to order thanks I’ll be doing a review on your cotton in the next few days thank you looking forward to hearing from you

    1. Lucy |

      2018-09-04 am8:31

      Thank you !

  5. Mark C. |

    2018-09-19 pm8:52

    Is it true that your first batch does not have any QR / Authenticity sticker? Just making sure because the one I purchased doesn’t have one. Kindly advise.

    1. Lucy |

      2018-09-20 am10:28

      Hello , yes , that is right , we are so sorry about that inconvenience .

  6. Doug |

    2018-10-14 am1:03

    It’s some of the best cotton I’ve used.

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