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Vapefly Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA

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  1. RF.Fladder |

    2018-07-18 上午4:05

    The Dimensions in “Parameter” are confusing. This should be reworked…

    1. Lucy |

      2018-07-20 下午12:28

      Thanks for your advice , revised =)

      1. RF.Fladder |

        2018-07-23 上午1:26

        If you change the Drip Tip Diameter and Length from cm to mm, every thing looks great ? ?

  2. NO NO NO |

    2018-07-23 上午10:57

    May be vapefly will put on big drip tip inside 🙂

    1. Lucy |

      2018-07-24 下午5:46

      It has a long drip inside , but no big drip tip,thank you

  3. Matt |

    2018-07-28 下午11:36

    Where can I buy one?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-07-31 下午3:11

      Can I know where do you located ?

  4. Petch |

    2018-08-04 上午1:10

    really wanna know about the blue color drip tip.
    is it gonna be transparently matching with the atty, or it’s just black?

    i’d love to get the matchy color, but now i can see they are both black delrin

    1. Lucy |

      2018-08-06 下午5:52

      Yes they are both black , thank you !

  5. khaled Samy |

    2018-08-12 上午6:00

    I would like to pay one tank in Cairo, Egypt ?

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