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Vapefly Nicolas MTL tank

The Nicolas is a MTL flavor tank which features a BVC coil structure along with a convenient Plug-Pull mechanism for ergonomic replacement process.

The adjustable airflow control valve features 9 different airflow settings for precise airflow adjusted down to your own personal preferences.

The kit includes a 1.8 ohm and a 0.6 ohm coil.


Easy coil replacement

Pinpoint airflow control

There are 5 air holes in the tank base for airflow adjustment. In addition, there’s one small hole in the adjusting ring for pinpoint air hole control.

When you twist the ring, you can choose any one air hole as you want. So you have 9 airflow choice!

Top filling

Pull out the top cap, fill e-liquid into the tank, and be careful not to drip into the central air hole.



NICOLAS is updated MTL flavor tank which features BVC coil structure with convenient Plug-Pull coil replacing mechanism design.
People don’t have to screw the coils hardly any more.
The most special design is the extra air hole in the adjusting ring.
Normal air control hole is big and cannot choose one air flow for preference.
With this extra hole in the ring, people can choose any airflow for different mod and different vapor. It maximizes NICOLAS coils vapor function and produces better flavor with 9 airflow choice!

1.Unique Plug-Pull coil easy replacement design.
2.Threaded top cap free from leaking.
3.Pinpoint airflow control system.

Type: MTL flavor tank.
Material: Stainless steel+pyrex tube.
Resistance: 0.6ohm(18-25w), 1.8ohm(9-13w).
Size: H46*W22mm.
Capacity: 3ml.
Thread: 510.

Packing list:
1*Nicolas tank (Installed 0.6ohm coil)
1*Nicolas coil (1.8ohm)
1*Replacement glass tube
1*User manual
Spare parts

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  1. Paul Hackney |

    2018-01-13 am7:53

    Please make a 4 ml version of this tank. It has great flavor, but needs to hold more e liquid. Great Tank !!

    1. Lucy |

      2018-01-13 am10:21

      Thanks for your advice , we will do better and better in the future

  2. Mike |

    2018-02-07 pm8:12

    What is the material of the coil? Stainless steel, nickel, titanium?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-02-08 pm2:25

      Hi , thanks for your asking .
      They are all made of NI80 .

  3. Asha |

    2018-02-09 am12:45


    I live in Malaysia and have been looking to find additional mouth to lung tanks, I am interested in picking up the MTL Nicolas tanks but can’t find replacement coils available localy. Is it possible to order directly from vapefly and if so how do I do so? Thank you.

  4. Aziz Saud |

    2018-02-21 pm11:00

    Is it ceramic coil ?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-02-23 am9:31

      No, the BVC coil is made of Ni80 ,Thank you !

  5. Vincent Campbell |

    2018-02-26 pm9:44

    Hi love this tank had a nautilus 2 but the nicolas has killed it off top notch pice of kit but I am trying to get some new one ring will any 22mm rings be OK or do I have to get them from you thanks. Fantastic mtl tank

    1. Lucy |

      2018-02-27 pm4:18

      Hello , thanks for supporting us Vincent. Yes you can get any 22mm rings for our Nicolas MTL Tank.
      Any question please feel free to ask me.

  6. Mete |

    2018-03-12 pm4:40

    i love this tank! But..
    Coils are quickly death
    i use 11 watt and 3-5 ml liquid on tanks but a week came cotton taste..any solution for this?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-03-13 am5:12

      Hi Mete ,
      Sorry to hear that , it is normal if coil last for a week , but also depends on liquid , the higher VG , the more sugar content , then will be shorter life of the coil.
      Hope this can help you, thanks

  7. Gil Benitez |

    2018-03-17 pm7:23

    Hi, your product verification doesn’t seem to work. I placed 2 orders, 1 for the nicolas tank and 1 for some spare coils but the s/n don’t register when I put them in for both orders now.

    1. Lucy |

      2018-03-26 am2:25

      Hi , please check the verify code is you input correctly , if still have problem with that ,please email to info@vapefly.net with detail for solution

  8. Onur |

    2018-04-03 am6:55

    Hi. Can you tell me the dimensions of the glass tube please?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-04-10 am9:36

      Standard version : glass tube: outer diameter 22mm , inner diameter is 19mm, height is 16mm ;
      TPD Version: glass tube: outer diameter 22mm , inner diameter is 16mm, height is 16mm .

  9. Alberto |

    2018-04-04 am11:49

    FANTASTIC Atomizer! I just received it today and I LOVE IT! But to be even better, I would love to see 316 Stainless Steel coils too. I used a Cubis for 2 years and I’m used to Stainless Steel coils. They say they are safer than NI80, specially with devices with temperature control as the one I have. I really like the size (smaller than the Cubis and the Cubis Pro), solid, very easy to refill and to replace the coils without getting my hands dirty or wet. I hope you listen to users and consider the 316SS option interesting 🙂

    Alberto 🙂

  10. utku |

    2018-04-18 am9:34

    do i need to clean it before using? any suggestion for cleaning?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-04-19 am8:25

      Yes, water cleaning is ok, thanks

  11. e01 |

    2018-04-22 am11:24

    Are these coils suitable for TC?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-04-23 am10:19

      Hi , yes it can be use but with high VG the life of the coil will be shorter

    2. Lucy |

      2018-04-23 am10:25

      Hi , recently not

  12. susheel |

    2018-05-15 pm12:40

    Can i use higher vg(70 vg) liquids with 1.8ohm coil

    1. Lucy |

      2018-05-15 pm7:14

      Of course

  13. Hasan B |

    2018-05-18 am2:57

    Very nice atomizer for me. I loved
    What are the recommended settings for Tcr mode?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-05-21 am12:40

      Hi Hasan B , the nicolas tank cannot use TC mod right now , we will update soon in the near future.

  14. Jan |

    2018-05-22 am1:32

    Hi.Love your tank.However the top O ring is half way off the glass.How do l put the spare one on
    in order for it to stay on?

  15. Randy |

    2018-05-22 pm7:57

    Hi there,
    Is there a retailer in Canada that carry this tank?

  16. Martin Hansen-Lennox |

    2018-06-07 pm4:19

    This is the best MTL tank hands down. I have used a LOT of tanks, this is my favourite.

    Great flavour, even on the 1.8ohm coil. Simple design. Looks great. Big fill ports. Easy coil change. Even has a really nice drip tip!

    I wish it were more easily available. It’s so much better than any of the nautilus tanks.

  17. Nerijus |

    2018-06-12 pm1:02

    Hello. Its a great tank with a good flawor. Just has to be changed this coils. its start to burn after 3 days. i bought 20 coils, and all them start burn after 3 days. I was trying to make a litle hole with a needle, but wont help. I think that cotton in coils preset to hard, and its very hard to get in e juice. If u will change this coils, Nicolas will be the best MTL tank.

  18. Karen |

    2018-06-16 pm7:20

    I changed the coil now can’t use the flavour tank. Just get air and no vape. It also reads “low aomizer” on the battery. What am doing wrong?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-06-27 am2:18

      Hello Karen, I’m so sorry to hear that , Can you try with different box mod ?

  19. LanciaB |

    2018-07-01 am8:12

    This is an amazing tank, thank you !
    Do you plan to sell a RBA base for it ?
    That would be a great update allowing TC wires.

  20. Eugenio |

    2018-07-04 am8:23

    Great Job!!!

  21. KonstaP |

    2018-07-19 pm11:13

    This is the best MTL tank i have tried so far..flavor and airflow are top notch!!.. already have bought 3 of them… please consider making a bigger 4+ML tank and an easier top twist filling method (like the Zenith). Keep up the good work

  22. Robin |

    2018-07-24 pm11:41

    I would LOVE to see this tank in gold to match my new mod. I’d be the first in line to get it. I love these tanks….Kudos to your team for a great MTL option for us!

  23. Oleg |

    2018-08-02 am5:13

    I absolutely love it. Airflow, look, feeling.
    The only cons I found is 22mm, i will be happy more with 24mm diameter, and the top cap, sometimes I need help tools to open to refill.

  24. Alex |

    2018-09-02 pm6:50

    my favorite tank as well, great job Vapefly. I also would like to see an easier push-open filling method for the next Nicolas and new mesh type coils that will last longer and boost flavor even more.

    1. Lucy |

      2018-09-04 am8:32

      Yes ,You will =)

  25. Bugra |

    2018-09-05 pm2:22

    Hi Lucy,

    Could you advise how can i get rainbow colour? i could not find it any of your out sources..

  26. J |

    2018-10-01 pm3:59

    Will this tank work on a stick prince???

    1. Lucy |

      2018-10-12 am9:54


  27. michael hoyland |

    2018-10-10 pm3:07

    I have been looking at your tank for some time now, but can’t buy it because it is too small. Couldn’t you provide an extension chimney and bigger glass like other companies do, or even simpler still, provide a bubble glass like your Galaxies tank, to bring it up to 5ml. If you did I would buy one tomorrow.
    Kind regards

  28. Derik |

    2018-10-19 am4:03

    Hi what is the material used in the coil is it stainless steel
    Also what guage wire is it
    And the diameter of the coil inside
    What cotton do you use
    Do u have a site were i can purchase one hope to
    Hear soon from u thanks

  29. Fabio |

    2018-10-28 am12:27

    The atom is perfect, only one thing: please make the capacity at least 3-4 ml.
    I usually use rebuildable rta, bit I need this for special occasion (work, travel…) when i can’t waste time fixing mine, having more capacity can make me not bring a bottle with me

  30. Gurkann koeke |

    2018-11-02 am12:03

    Hello i still using asp nat2 mtl tank so hate it, cuz leaking… I will buy Vapefly Nicolas.
    Hope so this tank leakproof on airflow holes

  31. Achilles |

    2018-11-17 am7:05

    Hi, can I use nicotine salts with this product?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-11-26 pm3:03

      Yes , of course

  32. Lou |

    2018-11-21 pm10:30

    I would really like to see a 1.0 ohm coil made for this. I have a 1.0ohm in my aspire breeze 2, and it delivers alot more flavor at 11 no. Adjustable watts. Or is there other coils to fit this, and where do i get them if there is. Overall love this tank. Excitdex to see whats next.


    2018-11-24 pm4:34

    Hello, where can I buy the Nicolas in Italy? I am a reseller

    1. Lucy |

      2018-11-26 pm3:01

      Hi Mariano,
      Our sales rep Annie will reply you as soon as possible,thank you !

  34. Massimo |

    2018-12-12 am12:21

    Sono un Rivenditore in Italia come posso acquistare il Nocolas, Grazie Anticipatamente

  35. ahmet |

    2018-12-16 pm11:28

    absolutely nice job. i m waiting for 25mm one of this tank.

  36. Alex |

    2019-02-06 pm8:25

    Those coils will barely last me 7 days with all my liquids (N.E.T or sugary liquids will kill coil even faster). Why you haven’t released mesh/plex coils yet??
    I have already 3 Nicolas tanks and im thinking to replace them with Zeniths because of the coils.

    1. Lucy |

      2019-02-15 pm2:05

      Hello Alex , it will be soon =)

  37. Rick |

    2019-02-10 pm6:55

    Ordered this one shortly after it came out, the journey for the best tank ended after this. It’s easy, decent coil life, good flavour, never leaked once on me. Perfect so thanks so much!

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