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Vapefly Brunhilde Top Coiler RTA (Designed by German 103 team)

Wholesale: sales@vapefly.com

Sells Separately


  1. Markus Rottal |

    2018-11-30 pm9:28

    Kann man die Brunhilde mit dem
    Mech Mod Limited Edition
    Kit vorbestellen?
    Wäre sehr schön wenn das funktionieren würde
    Grüße Markus

  2. Rafael Calvo Olivares |

    2018-12-01 pm7:29

    Hello, in which shop can you buy the Brunhilde?

      1. Tina |

        2018-12-05 am2:38

        Hi Lucy,
        and where can I order it?
        I live in Ireland and most German vape shops do not ship to Ireland.

        1. Lucy |

          2018-12-05 pm3:29

          Hi Tina , so you can order online by other countries online store like heavengifts.com , but it not released in China yet.

  3. Stephan Köpke-Butter |

    2018-12-02 am4:26

    Ich need two “Brunhilde”

    Great Design!

  4. Oliver Bartz |

    2018-12-02 am8:33

    How can I order or pre-order the vaporizer?
    (Brunhilde Rta)


  5. lady luck |

    2018-12-02 pm5:35

    nice im still w8ting. when its aviable? :*

      1. Lady luck |

        2018-12-05 pm8:47

        hello, but i dont like order it in germany, where can i order it on 20.dez. i never buy things in germany :)? regards

  6. Berger Michael |

    2018-12-02 pm5:45

    Hello, i have a question. Can I pre-order a Brunhilde atomizer? Best regards. Berger M.

  7. Marc Vulpes |

    2018-12-03 am4:57


    pls tell me, when I can get the Atomizer ?

    Greetings from Germany, Marc

    1. Lucy |

      2018-12-04 am8:11

      Hi Marc , you can get that in your local store when it is available, it is around Feb

  8. Thomas Kortboyer |

    2018-12-03 pm10:36

    Dear Vapefly team,

    at first let me say thank you for your great work, i realy appreciate your products.
    I think i know your answer but i wanted to give it a try.

    Is there any kind of pre order list for your new brunhilde rta?
    I heard of a limited edition mech mod version and i would realy realy like to get one of those.

    Limited editions are so hard to get most times…

    If there is any possibility I would like to pre order both versions silver and black plus the limited edition.

    I’m just an end-user am i guess you get many questions like mine.

    Maybe you can tell me which store i have to “observe” to get the chance to buy one of your beautiful limiteds?

    Thanks a lot and best regards

  9. Stani |

    2018-12-04 pm7:08

    Hi, in which chinashop I can pre-order it?

      1. Tina |

        2018-12-29 pm7:24

        But because of the stupid EU TPD, the German shops are not allowed to ship to an other EU country, eg to the UK or Ireland…

    1. Stani |

      2018-12-08 pm5:02


  10. sascha |

    2018-12-06 am1:52

    the gun metal version is glossy or matt?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-12-06 pm5:10

      Hi , it is glossy =)

  11. Kim |

    2018-12-13 am7:19

    When will the Vapefly Brunhilde Top Coiler RTA be available for purchase in the USA?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-12-13 am9:14

      Hello Kim , vaporDNA will have that , thank you !

  12. Cassandra |

    2018-12-15 am2:44

    I’m interested in carrying these in my shop when they’re available in the US. Let me know what I need to do for a wholesale account with you guys!

  13. Dave |

    2019-01-01 pm2:53

    What function do the stainless steel cables perform?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-01-02 pm6:23

      Hello Dave , the stainless steel transfer e juice from bottom to top, thank you !

  14. Sanford |

    2019-01-07 pm5:55

    I will be in Munich 21 January is it possible to pick up a few units please?

  15. Old Vaper |

    2019-01-08 am1:07

    Die Vapefly Bundhilde scheint der Beschreibung nach die ich unter https://www.mysmolo.de/vapefly-brunhilde-rta gefunden habe wirklich ein Novum zu sein was RTA Verdampfer angeht. Ich bin gespannt wie sie sich mit einer Kanthalwicklung machen wird und freue mich ihn dann mit meinen Geräten testen auszuprobieren.

  16. Sanowahn |

    2019-01-24 am6:18

    Hello, when will there be more infos about the Limited Mech Kit? When will it be avaible in germany?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-01-28 am10:08

      Hello , the limited Kit will be available in Germany in the bottom of May,thank you !

  17. Brian |

    2019-01-29 am2:57

    ? how can I get the mech to match?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-02-15 pm2:08

      The Mech Kit will release on the bottom of May , thank you !

  18. Björn |

    2019-01-29 pm5:52

    When will be the bloody Brunhilde release in Germany?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-02-15 pm2:07

      Hello , it will be in the bottom of Mar,thank you !

  19. Paul |

    2019-01-31 am7:44

    Hello, when will the Brunhilde be availiable in Russia?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-02-15 pm2:06

      Hi , it will be around Mar, thank you !

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