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Vapefly Brunhilde Top Coiler RTA (Designed by German 103 team)

Coming soon…





  1. Markus Rottal |

    2018-11-30 pm9:28

    Kann man die Brunhilde mit dem
    Mech Mod Limited Edition
    Kit vorbestellen?
    Wäre sehr schön wenn das funktionieren würde
    Grüße Markus

  2. Rafael Calvo Olivares |

    2018-12-01 pm7:29

    Hello, in which shop can you buy the Brunhilde?

      1. Tina |

        2018-12-05 am2:38

        Hi Lucy,
        and where can I order it?
        I live in Ireland and most German vape shops do not ship to Ireland.

        1. Lucy |

          2018-12-05 pm3:29

          Hi Tina , so you can order online by other countries online store like heavengifts.com , but it not released in China yet.

  3. Stephan Köpke-Butter |

    2018-12-02 am4:26

    Ich need two “Brunhilde”

    Great Design!

  4. Oliver Bartz |

    2018-12-02 am8:33

    How can I order or pre-order the vaporizer?
    (Brunhilde Rta)


  5. lady luck |

    2018-12-02 pm5:35

    nice im still w8ting. when its aviable? :*

      1. Lady luck |

        2018-12-05 pm8:47

        hello, but i dont like order it in germany, where can i order it on 20.dez. i never buy things in germany :)? regards

  6. Berger Michael |

    2018-12-02 pm5:45

    Hello, i have a question. Can I pre-order a Brunhilde atomizer? Best regards. Berger M.

  7. Marc Vulpes |

    2018-12-03 am4:57


    pls tell me, when I can get the Atomizer ?

    Greetings from Germany, Marc

    1. Lucy |

      2018-12-04 am8:11

      Hi Marc , you can get that in your local store when it is available, it is around Feb

  8. Thomas Kortboyer |

    2018-12-03 pm10:36

    Dear Vapefly team,

    at first let me say thank you for your great work, i realy appreciate your products.
    I think i know your answer but i wanted to give it a try.

    Is there any kind of pre order list for your new brunhilde rta?
    I heard of a limited edition mech mod version and i would realy realy like to get one of those.

    Limited editions are so hard to get most times…

    If there is any possibility I would like to pre order both versions silver and black plus the limited edition.

    I’m just an end-user am i guess you get many questions like mine.

    Maybe you can tell me which store i have to “observe” to get the chance to buy one of your beautiful limiteds?

    Thanks a lot and best regards

  9. Stani |

    2018-12-04 pm7:08

    Hi, in which chinashop I can pre-order it?

    1. Stani |

      2018-12-08 pm5:02


  10. sascha |

    2018-12-06 am1:52

    the gun metal version is glossy or matt?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-12-06 pm5:10

      Hi , it is glossy =)

  11. Kim |

    2018-12-13 am7:19

    When will the Vapefly Brunhilde Top Coiler RTA be available for purchase in the USA?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-12-13 am9:14

      Hello Kim , vaporDNA will have that , thank you !

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