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  1. Matteo |

    2018-06-14 am6:48

    hello i’m very interesting of galaxies mtl rta but i can’t find in my contry (italy) when your product will be in the store of my country?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-06-15 pm7:06

      Hello , Matteo
      Thanks for kind asking , we have some distributors in Italy like svapo forniture, you will see them in your local store very soon.

  2. manuald |

    2018-06-21 am8:32

    Hi, I have to ask for favor.
    Can I purchase only the center pin?
    My galaxies mtl rta is have a issue about center pin.
    Just extra center pin can solve the problem.
    Waiting for your reply.

    1. manuald |

      2018-06-21 am9:05

      I mean center pin keeps round.
      Be not fixed.
      Might be post that connect with center pin is issue.
      So, can I purchase center pin or post or both?

    2. Lucy |

      2018-06-27 am2:20

      Hi, our sales rep Sunny will deal with you about it ,thank you !

  3. Amd |

    2018-06-21 pm11:29

    Hi there do u have any distributors in Kuwait??

  4. manuald |

    2018-06-22 am2:49

    Did you leave the comment?
    I can’t see. Would you like to leave the message by E-mail please?

  5. e01 |

    2018-06-27 am4:20

    I don’t like the cap, if the cap were like ARES or Zenith, this tank will be far the best. Why you didn’t design ease refill cap?

  6. Ihar |

    2018-07-02 pm1:24

    Can you tell me the summary diameter of atomizer (including 2 side regulators)?

  7. Arnoldo |

    2018-07-04 am3:27

    Hi, can you provide me with a list of US sellers? Thanks!

  8. Ihar |

    2018-07-04 am8:29

    please, can someone tell me the summary diameter of atomizer (including side regulators)?
    thank you

  9. Johnny |

    2018-07-10 am2:17

    I only wape MTL, and it’s a Very good tank ! Only con,that in my pocket the airflow control sometimes “roll” . I have all 3 colour,because i love it. THX !

  10. Andy |

    2018-07-17 pm10:42

    This is a great MTL tank , well done guys ! Just an info , how it’s possible to clean the condensate that in some cases will form on the airflow section ?

  11. geo |

    2018-07-20 am4:27

    any sellers in the uk for this tank? can’t find where to buy it anywhere, thank 🙂

    1. Lucy |

      2018-07-20 pm12:18

      Kix vaping, they have many stores in UK, thank you !

  12. David |

    2018-07-27 pm12:14

    how much is this tank dont see the price or options to purchase

  13. giuliano |

    2018-07-31 am4:11

    I’ve bought one and I’m loving it! Well done guys!

  14. Maxy |

    2018-08-08 pm7:05

    Well done VapeFly, This RTA is one of the top MTL nowdays. Airflow control is very ease and powerfull, but also not very stable, when handling in my hand, ofter I get change dialing position. Also if move to other than II+IV I hear whistling, is that normal?

    Waiting for 24mm version and improved airflow controls.


  15. Mahmoud |

    2018-08-18 pm8:27

    are you going to make a top air flow mtl rta

  16. Carlo |

    2018-09-13 pm12:06

    Are there any seller in the Philippines for this RTA? I can’t seem to find one. Thanks! 🙂

  17. Danielle |

    2018-09-16 pm7:55

    Hi, do you sell prebuild coils for this tank?

  18. Máté |

    2018-10-03 pm6:22

    Hy! Could you please write me what is the air hole diameters?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-10-12 am9:23

      Hello , for the vapefly galaxies mtl rta ,
      Diameter of Air hole of Gearwheel
      -Ⅰ:0.8mm; Ⅱ: 1.4mm; Ⅲ: 1.2mm; Ⅳ: 1.6mm;
      3.Diameter of Inner Cube
      Cube with single hole:
      -big hole: 2.6×1.2mm,
      -small hole: 1.6mm;
      Cube with 2 holes & 1 hole
      -big hole: 1.3mm
      -small hole: 1.1mm+1.1mm

  19. Alberto |

    2018-10-10 pm2:12

    Where can I buy Galaxies MTL RTA in Italy?

  20. Lunao |

    2018-11-13 am2:47

    Hello Vapefly Team,

    I am a MTL Vaper and this is my first RTA. I already tried several builds, but somehow I cannot get a satisfying taste from the galaxies. Do you have any tips? Also, what is the best way to clean it?

    Besides that, I do like this device so far, I just really would love to get more flavour out of it.

    Kind regards from Switzerland,


    1. Lucy |

      2018-11-13 pm2:52

      Hi Lunao,
      Thanks for asking, please kindly to check the tutorial video and buid the coil like video =>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58T1GLl0xvA
      Any more question please email to service@vapefly.net for further help,thank you !

  21. Aberz |

    2018-12-01 pm7:14

    Will the glass of this tank (3 or 5mll glass ) fit the galaxies MTL SQUONK RDTA tank ?

  22. Amit Mahmudov |

    2018-12-07 pm5:21

    The best mouth to lung rebuildable tank atomizer for this year satisfying vape, a lot of options on airflow, great design on the chamber…Actually I can’t think of rta with better flavor with the 30 that I own there is not single rta that have better flavor and catches all the notes and combination of flavorings also bubble glass is very smart move. I recommend highly for flavor chasers and mouth to lung vapers. The designing does not have a fucking flaw and for real I’ve fucking tried to find a flaw in design of chamber and airflow it’s perfect

  23. Amit Mahmudov |

    2018-12-10 am3:14

    So I’ve tried a lot of high end shit byka kayfun all series ammit mtl rta vapor giant and everything in that scale so far galaxies win by flavor and options on the airflow 🙂

  24. Emil manlapaz |

    2018-12-11 am5:40

    Where can I buyinthe Philippines

  25. Mina |

    2018-12-25 pm5:09

    Thanks for this great atomizer but what’s the silicon part for the TPD??

    1. Lucy |

      2018-12-28 pm5:06

      Hello , for TPD there is a silicon in the tube that can be removed, it makes the capacity to 2ml to fit TPD

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