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Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA

Warning: Please Do Not remove air control screws for vaping, or you will get no flavor!

For wholesale please email to sales@vapefly.net

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  1. Lukas |

    2018-02-09 下午5:30

    Really nice looking RDA tank. And huge plus, somene making also for MTL guys 🙂

    1. Lucy |

      2018-02-23 上午9:22

      Yes, this is made for MTL =)

  2. Denis Bouchard |

    2018-02-19 上午8:48

    Hello Vapefly!

    Love the Galaxies! Have 2 already: one black and one stainless.

    Only thing is the top cap. Will you make a black all Delrin (POM) one? Or black Ultem? What about an all stainless color one? Don’t like the plastic rings. 🙂

    Many thanks friends!


    1. Lucy |

      2018-02-23 上午9:24

      Thanks for your advice , we will make more convenience and stylish accessories in the near future , please stay tuned.

  3. tsukasa hayashi |

    2018-02-21 下午9:34

    Beautiful top cap and ingenious air flow system is a wonderful atomizer

    1. Lucy |

      2018-02-23 上午9:25

      Yessss , cannot agree with you more

  4. 茄子 |

    2018-02-21 下午10:31

    Galaxies 素晴らしい!絶対に欲しい一品 silver買いますよ♫(。◠‿◠。=) Vapefly応援します!

    1. Lucy |

      2018-02-23 上午9:26

      Thank you !! We will keeping to developing more and more great items for you guys!
      ありがとうございました !! 私たちはあなたのためにますます偉大な製品を開発するために維持します!

  5. Matt |

    2018-02-22 上午6:46

    Hey guys, im just really excited to try this new Galaxies dripper out!
    First of all im a huge nerd when it comes to the outside of our planet, 2nd of all.. ITS MTL.
    I was wondering if you’ll ever going to sell those 24mm caps separately (knowing im from Hungary and i’d love to get my hand on one of those yellow caps.. just gorgeous)

    Great job guys! Keep it up.

    Best regards,

    Matt Miller

    1. Lucy |

      2018-02-23 上午9:33

      Yes , we will sale the caps separately , you will find it in Heavengifts.com very soon as we are just back from a long holiday , stay tuned buddy =P

      1. Matt |

        2018-02-23 下午10:17

        Thank you so much Lucy!:)
        Hope you had a fantastic holiday!

        1. Lucy |

          2018-02-27 下午5:38

          Any time =P

  6. Your name |

    2018-03-01 下午7:45

    All black top cap model please

    1. Lucy |

      2018-03-06 上午9:05

      Thanks for your advice , we will keep it in book and try to do better and better.

  7. mo |

    2018-03-16 上午1:57

    How does it compare 2 nautilus 2 with 0.7 coil and all open airflow, I tried kayfun but I was sooo disappointed, since then, I’m always on the fence for trying rta.
    In other words, coming from nautilus 2, all holes open, 0.7 coil, is the “feel” the same ?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-03-26 上午2:23

      Hello Mo ,
      Our Galaxies MTL RDA is the RDA , not the same as nautilus 2 and kayfun , but you also can get a best experience with our product, the flavor is highly good.

  8. Vladimir Culej |

    2018-04-01 下午1:55

    Odličan posao savršen rad svakako moja preporuka

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