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  1. Amy |

    2018-09-22 下午4:22

    Looks amazing

  2. Vikram Channa |

    2018-09-27 上午9:58

    The Pixie looks like an awesome design. from the deck to reduced chamber and the topcap. I just wished there were some inserts for the Pixie to turn it into a proper MTL RDA. Just a few additional PEEK inserts with tiny holes or slits, perhaps even as optional accessories. Surely Vapefly could do that? It’s the same as ESG did for the Skyfall, and Eden Mods did for the Salix, and it could make the Pixie another great MTL RTA.

  3. Stan McClain |

    2018-09-28 上午5:10

    Look intertesting

  4. Stan McClain |

    2018-09-28 上午5:11

    Look interesting

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